Welcome to our little utopia in a magical corner of Detroit.

We hope you can come and visit us soon!


Lag b’Omer 5778: Burn It All Down

…or maybe meditate and share some poetry too.

Join us for a bonfire, some discussion about our Omer meditations, open mic poetry, a fire performance by our own David Brown, and snacks and drinks.

Bring a poem, a song, a drum or a gong!

When: May 3 @ 7:00pm
Where: Kibbutz Detropia

RSVP at Eventbrite


Shavuot 5778: First Fruits at the Farm

Join us for a three day festival.

We will spend Friday and Saturday celebrating Shabbat and then Havdallah and Sunday we will participate in a First Fruits Rite as we welcome the first harvest and enter into the full blown growing season. Schedule available here!

Please, RSVP through Eventbrite as soon as possible! Early bird pricing ends on Lag B’Omer!

Our Calling and Our Vision

Calling (Mission):

Our calling is to rewild Judaism by connecting Jews to the sacredness of the land, their ancestral practices, and the divine feminine.



Our vision is to see a world in which we all treat the earth and her abundance as sacred. We step into our role of stewarding the land and protecting it from forces aiming to harm it. We also yearn to provide safe spaces to learn both the fundamental tools of farming and our connection to the land as Jews living in a diasporic land.


Who We Are


Sky is a Kohenet in training, weaver of ritual, and tender of sacred space. She is a farmer and mama to Avi.



David is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher. He is also a circus performer, poet, and chef.


Alison is the Kibbutz’s tech maven. Their connection with the land is nascent but ever deepening.