Day 7: Malchut within Chesed


“Malkhut shebechesed– reminded me of people who are accused of ‘hating their country’ for protesting and voting for candidates who represent their views. No. They do so because they want to see it survive and not collapse from the inside.”


Sky: I am really struggling with this one…. regal… that isn’t a word I relate to. Rav Jill shares with us stories of regal, royal, graceful women using their abundance as an offering of love. Abundance isn’t really something I relate to either… at least in its most traditional forms.

Rabbi Gershon translates this day as Sovereignty within grace. I’m not sure how much I enjoy his replacing love with grace, but sovereignty at least, feels like something I can relate to a bit more than regal. He discusses taking out time to practice Shabbat. This is something I struggle with quite often. I make Shabbat, no doubt about that, but we work so hard making Shabbat for others, that we rarely take time to just be… and to rest ourselves.

This past Kohenet retreat, Rav Taya mentioned original moon time. In ancient times, Shabbat wasn’t on Fridays. There were no Fridays! Fridays are a much more recent occurrence than Shabbat. Originally, Shabbat would have been observed on the quarter moons, full, half, three quarters and new. I am thinking I would like to dedicate these moon Shabbats to myself. This way I can also observe a full Shabbat and still be able to make Shabbat for others. I will start with this new moon cycle that is coming up!

Sky Omer 7


David: is still working on catching up




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