Hopes and Dreams

Hello there,

and thank you for joining us in this journey…. no matter how near or far you are in body…. we are deeply grateful for you.

I (Sky) just returned from a week of intense ecstatic davening and study with over 50 Kohanot in training! It was overwhelming and intensely inspiring.

The weekend before, David, Avi and I attended the Jewish Intentional Communities Conference at Pearlstone near Baltimore.

So, I am bursting to the brim with hope and dreams and inspiration and ambition to accomplish all of these day dreams.

I feel there is a deep need for an offering of Tehomic and ecological thealogy here in the deep middle north of this land currently referred to as America, once referred to as Turtle Island. Our institutions are crumbling, yet there is a yearning to connect to the sacred, and what better way to do so than in tending the land who sustains us?

I have spent countless sleepless nights worrying about how to fund the operation we yearn to create rather than working into the future and holding on to faith that it will come to fruition.

Yesterday, I created a workplan to share with possible funders, and I thought I should share it with you as well…. our intention is to create community in all of its different forms, and we have no intention of creating a hierarchical structure where we lead and people follow…. so, in doing so, we feel we should be open with all of our hopes, plans and intentions.

So, here it is in all of it’s glory: (I deleted some personal contact information and some financial information just incase)

Bat Chavah Farm School

Calling (Mission):

Our calling is to rewild Judaism by connecting Jews to the sacredness of the land, their ancestral practices, and the divine feminine.


Our vision is to see a world in which we all treat the earth and her abundance as sacred. We step into our role of stewarding the land and protecting it from forces aiming to harm it. We also yearn to provide safe spaces to learn both the fundamental tools of farming and our connection to the land as Jews living in a diasporic land.


Summary of Programs:

The Bat Chava farm will host an 9 month farm school Chevra for female identified and non-binary Jews. This program will consist of learning to live in community while learning farming skills, animal husbandry, soap making, land stewardship, cooking and tending sacred space. Each day will also include Jewish education, davening, and time for community building within the Chevra and engaging with the larger (local) community as a whole.

We will host (at least) two large festivals on the farm yearly, such as Shavuot and Sukkot Shabbatons in order to engage the wider Jewish community with the land and our vision.

Kibbutz Detropia will continue to host bi-weekly Shabbat dinners, to work with Repair the World Fellows, and to celebrate holidays as a community. The Kibbutz is serving an integral purpose in being accessible to Metro Detroit Jews who need a place to connect in a more intimate and ecotheological way than traditional Synagogues offer.  We will also continue to host and lead workshops and participate in at least two large (Jewish) community wide events per year.


Summary of Clients Served:

Members of the Chevra will be female identified and non-binary Jews between the ages of 18-45.

Retreats, holiday celebrations, and other open events will be open and welcome to people of all ages, status, and orientations.

Kibbutz Detopia caters to people of all ages, races, backgrounds, and orientations.

Legal Status:

Kibbutz Detropia is a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation; it is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501c3.


Initial Seed Funding:

We are seeking $500,000 to purchase the Three Roods Farm, a currently operational organic farm on 23 acres, and to begin the first Chevra cohort by spring of 2019. We would like to begin taking applications this fall, 2018.

The farm costs $250,000 and the other $250,000 would be for minor retrofitting of the barn to house the fellows, to pay salaries to the three main employees, and to begin programming right away.

We would then continue raising funds as well as running a CSA, selling the soap and other artisan items that we make on the farm, with an aim to make locally sourced ritual Judaica.


Annual Funding:

We have a goal of an annual operating budget of $250,000 and donations may be sent to our physical address, or through Paypal or Venmo.
Please share any thoughts or comments, we deeply appreciate your input and feedback.

Wishing you a restful and inspiring Shabbat,



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