Falling Snow

I have had the most sincere of intentions to update this blog nearly every day since I wrote the last one (more than a few months ago)… but life keeps happening… and now the snowflakes are accumulating. It is feely so surprising that winter is upon us already as we are just getting reacquainted with our city lives and city home and all that is our city world. We are again hosting dinners, holidays and davening on One Shul. We are also working diligently on the house. This morning men with jack hammers began ripping up the basement…. by the end of the week there will be a water proof basement which we can begin to rebuild. Someday soon, there will be two more bedrooms, a making things room with a loom, a legit laundry room, a new bathroom and a play room (with a secret back room to house junk we haven’t convinced ourselves to part with just yet).

Its a daunting task, preparing to pay such a steep fee for a dry basement, but when one considers the actual value of so much more space and so much more capacity for community building… well now, that’s priceless! If you’re feeling so inclined this winter, please, come over and help us build frames and put up sheet rock and lay down floors! We will pay you with plentiful foods and all of our love!

We are still visiting our girls. They are at a safe space, not to far away, being taken very good care of by a wonderful and loving goatress. I’m not sure what we would do without her.

We are bringing flowers to our fallen Mordecai and mourning him deeply.

I am organizing an accessible Community wide Chevra Kadisha. Our first meeting to learn the ropes will be in the next week or so. Please, reach out if you are interested in being present for this… or for participating at all.

This fall was so busy, full of travel and conferences and painting the Kibbutz, cleaning up garbage, installing mailboxes, starting new jobs, and Mr. Avi started Preschool! I attended The Parliament of the WOrld’s Religions in Toronto with a group of Kohanot and then Talia and I drove to Pearlstone outside of Baltimore for Kenissa and the joy of spending even more time with Priestesses!

All in all it was a pretty productive and constructive fall and I am looking forward to the quite insulative qualities of snow fall and wood stove.

We will be spending the darker months tending to the hearth, baking, being slower, raising funds for a full and productive new year… and of course, hopefully, sharing many dinners and nights of song with you around our fire.

Please, join us soon!

We will keep the fires burning, the drums set out, the nourishment aplenty.

We are so deeply grateful for you.


Our girls have grown chubby and fluffy with the snowflakes!


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