Leaving our Narrow Places: The Work that Reconnects…

Please Join Us!

Leaving our Narrow Places2.jpg

This workshop is based on the work of eco-philosopher and activist Joanna Macy. Formally called Grief and Empowerment work, it is now known as “The Work That Reconnects” referring to facing grief via RECONNECTIng with our our full human, ecological, and spirit communities. It was first developed during the anti-nuclear proliferation movement of the 1970’s, and today strives to help communities face the full catastrophes of Industrial Civilization, Ecological Collapse, with an anti-racist and ant-colonialist analysis. See https://workthatreconnects.org/ for more information.

This goal of our workshop is to create a brave space for folks to process the natural grief, anger, fear, sadness, and pain that comes from experiencing, seeing and fighting the brokenness of our world, integrated with Jewish Wisdom about facing grief and fear, joy, and possibility.

We will begin by grounding ourselves in appreciation for the Anishinaabe Indigenous peoples of this area, our own ancestors, community, joy, and gratitude. This will create the container for us to be able to honor our pain. After a break, we will continue by exploring how we might see the world with New Eyes, and close with journeying into how we might Go Forth and act with wisdom.

The afternoon will be co-facilitated by Rabbi Moshe Givental and Proffesor Sky Brown, with dinner cooked by David Brown, and hosted by Kibbutz Detropia.

FOOD: Please, let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. Everything we serve at the Kibbutz is Eco Kashrut and often vegan.

ANIMALS: Kibbutz Detropia has a dog and two cats (though the cats are often outside). If you have allergies, please take appropriate precautions.

RSVP: Your RSVP of “Going” will help us prepare the ritual space and food ahead of time.

Tickets can be found here:



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