Grief. Holding. Trauma. Healing.


Again we acknowledge a shooting in a Synagogue.

Tonight, the last night of Pesach… a day of liberation and redemption…. an honoring of escaping slavery, murder, and a constant fear…..

and here we are.

I would like to offer space, song, mourning, grief honoring, and safety.

I don’t often speak of self here.

Kibbutz Detropia is a community by intention and there was an intention to not focus too much on the self to provide ample space for the us. I honor this intention and also, maybe it was too much. Maybe in erasing self we also create a lack in the us. That is a conversation for another time. I do have a specific intention in this very moment.

This space was created to always ensure a safe space for those in need of it. There was an initial intention and push to purchase a safe house next door for people who needed a safe space in this current regime. We have worked to create inclusive space for those who may, we who may, be marginalized in other spaces. We have worked, learned, and planned a Queer Chevra Kadisha. We host Rosh Chodesh, sometimes of multiple genders and other times it is a female identified space. We host a monthly death cafe… one is actually scheduled to take place tomorrow night at 6.

I would like to also offer space to feel whatever you may be feeling during all of this that we find ourselves in. Perhaps you are scared, mournful, full of rage, lonely…. detached… or maybe you’re just numb, lonely, or none of the above.

I would like to offer to hold space for that… whatever that is.

This here… this is why I mentioned that I don’t talk about self here, because unless you know me intimately, you may not know what I do outside of growing plants, writing an occasional Kibbutzy blog, etc…

I have been working for many years now to cultivate the resources to facilitate ritual and holding for those in transition. I am trained as doula and I focus on birth, death, and sex. I am currently in a certification course for Trauma Healing and am waiting to hear back from a graduate school in which I hope to enter a masters program in Somatic Psychology with a focus on ecstatic prayer as a door to healing trauma. I am often described as a polymath, people are mystified that I do so many things that appear to be all over a varied combination of topics…. but really, I think they are all connected to this one root. Helping attune to presence, heal, build a sense of safety and help guide others through constrictions, narrow spaces and liminal space.

I share all of this because these skills feel needed now… in this time of uncertainty… in this journey out of fear.

If you feel so called please join us tomorrow after our death cafe for an evening of chanting, silence, fire, and sacred sharing.

And also, if there is ever a moment that you feel a need for a safe space, a ritual, just an ear to listen, you are always welcome here.

“Courage, my friend… you do not walk alone. We will, walk with you… and sing your spirit home…”


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