Rewild Your Shavuot!

I am so, so heartened to share that Kohenet Annie Matan from Matanot Lev and I are hosting a Shavuot Retreat here at Kibbutz Detropia.

There are several options for how to attend:

Our hope is that participants register and attend the three day Shabbaton, and also we have developed several commuter options for those of you who may not want to camp, or who have less time, or less funds. We will also be offering scholarships, once our funding needs are met. Once we can cover our needs we will be providing low cost options as well.

Here is our general schedule:


4-6PM: Arrive

6-7PM: Opening and Communal Dinner

7-9PM: Introductions and Kabbalat Shabbat at Ma’ariv

9PM-7AM: Downtime



7-9AM: Breakfast “bar” (serve yourself from food provided)

9AM-12PM: Shabbat morning prayer experience

12-1PM: Communal lunch

1-3PM: Shabbat Rest

3-4:15PM: Shabbat/pre-Shavuot Workshop (maybe 2 options)

4:30-5:45PM: Shabbat/pre-Shavuot Workshop (maybe 2 options)

6-7PM: Communal Dinner

7-9PM: Havdalah and Ma’ariv

9PM-7AM: Tikkun Leil Shavuot (Workshops TBA)

Midnight: Receiving Torah Ritual



5:30-6:30AM: Sunrise Shacharit

6:30-7AM: First Fruits Parade and Ritual

7-11AM: Breakfast “bar” (serve yourself from food provided)

11AM-12PM: Closing Ritual

12:30-1:30PM: Communal Lunch and clean up



Celebrate a Shavuot experience rooted in ancient, earth based traditions and layered with  rabbinic study, all through a priestess lens. Join Kibbutz Detropia’s Founder and Executive Director, Rakia Sky and Founder and Spiritual Leader of Toronto’s Matanot Lev | Gifts of the Heart, Kohenet Annie Matan at Kibbutz Detropia in Northwest Detroit.


What to expect: Shabbat, Shavuot, ritual, all night learning and lots of time to connect and relax.

Vegetarian, Eco-Kashrut Food will be provided.
We will be camping along the Rouge River in a magical corner of woods and meadows hidden in the city limits. Some tents may be provided for a nominal fee if needed.

This is an exclusive event and spots will run out quickly, please purchase tickets as soon as is accessible to you. 

And here is where to register:

Registration closes the end of this week, so now is the perfect time!

We are so so excited to share this weekend with you and to tend our ancient and root in the sacred.


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