So much Growth


it is a slow, slow process.

First, we begin with conception…. and then a long period of internal growth.

Then…. we must birth the ….. thing… whatever it may be.

Here, of course, I am referring to birthing a community.

It is a slow, slow process.

For two years it looked like research, travel, whispers, daydreams, and planning.

Then this house was decided upon, purchased and we began fixing her up one tiny step at a time. Finally, some time last year it appeared that we hit the balance of wants to taking up much more space than have tos. I focused on making it feel welcoming and attractive.

Now, I tend to hover around want too, planting barley, building a fence, planting a Lillith garden, expanding the capacity to house people and to provide greater services and experiences and emergency have tos. The Kibbutz currently has two emergency have tos that are outlined later on.

Some of these plans include:

having the house re-wired so that we can re-build the basement… this would afford us so much more live and work space. It would also provide a route for obtaining free weatherization and insulation increasing our sustainability and lowering out loss of heat in the winter. (have to)

I am also working with Hakhel to convert the garage into live/work space and a second bathroom. I have a pretty awesome business plan for this project. (want to)

I have applied for some grants to provide a play structure to install in the field so the neighborhood kids can have a safe place to play. There are no playgrounds within half a mile and the one slightly out of that range does not feel safe or welcoming in the slightest. (want to)

Another project is obtaining a self contained composting toilet to get us 100% off the grid as far as output goes. Our main line broke and the plumbers informed me a few days ago, that fixing it would require us to tie in to the city sewer and would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Not to mention that in no way does that align with the mission and vision we are striving to embody. (have to and urgent)

The day dreaming does not cease, it just grows in capacity and scale.

I daily dream of a second story, a livable basement and a carriage house with a fire pit out front and a Lillith garden surrounding it. And of course, I dream of goats and chickens and families with children gracing the space on a daily basis, rather than just for events.

And I/we are heading ever so slowly in that direction and even when there is a slight back step to regroup, I/we are always in all ways moving forward, evolving, growing and expanding…..

When we do stumble… and the basement floods, or the needs feel too tall of an order, we must simply remember that labor pains are just that…. painful. We are growing and laboring toward a more robust and sustainable future and we are so so grateful to be sharing this journey with you.

Here are two ways in which you can be of immediate support:


and as always, we are always in need of hands on the ground, help planting, help tending, help cleaning up trash and sharing in Shabbat, holidays, joyous song, foot stomping, fire burning, love sharing, merry making. In all the ways we share and live in community, we need you for us to be community.



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