Mission statement:
Our mission is three fold: we aim to create a community based on agriculture in the city of Detroit. We intend to educate, empower, and provide safe space for growth. We do all of this through a Jewish lens that looks back to our ancient roots and brings them into the modern day.

Summary of programs:
We offer classes in growing food, building structures, planting trees, soap making, yarn making, and other ancient sacred arts. We host open Shabbat dinners every Friday and also lead services, Rosh Chodesh groups, and holiday events, such as this past year’s Sukkot Camping Shabbaton.

Summary of clients served:
Our guests vary widely. We host guests from all over the world, who come for Shabbat dinners and classes, and stay with us as WWOOFers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), Airbnb travelers, and the occasional traveling Priestess. We garden with and work with our local community and we engage with the Jewish community of Metro Detroit as a whole. We also partner with several local Jewish organizations, including hosting Peer Corps through Repair the World.

Legal status:
Kibbutz Detropia is a Michigan nonprofit corporation; it is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

Ways to help:
We are just beginning to raise funds, so this is our current focus; however, we are always looking for hands on the ground to help us plant and grow and build things. We look for volunteers for dinners and events, people who want to teach and learn, and accept donations of furniture for the house and tools to teach with such as spinning wheels, looms, canning equipment, etc.

Contact information:
Sky, David, and Avi Brown

16658 Ridge Road
Detroit, Michigan 48219