How to get Involved?

What can you do to get involved and support our work?

We are always in need of labor. You are welcome to come and work in the gardens, help us build something, teach a class, invent a new program, lead a song or activity, dance like a banshee, or suggest something we haven’t considered yet.

We are also looking for tools, equipment, appliances, and such to help us do our work. We are currently looking for a refrigerator, as ours appears to be dying, and some dainty outdoor furniture for a secret goddess garden…. or straw bales and shovels and people to dig, for a Mikveh.

You can also donate money to help support our work.

A Shabbat dinner averages $12.00 per person and we average 10 people per dinner.

Would you like to sponsor a diner? or a whole dinner?

A straw bale for the Mikveh averages $5.00.

Or use a magical number such as $18.00 or $36.00.

We couldn’t do all the work we do without your help.

We are so incredibly honored and in deep gratitude.

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